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Astound your players into wide-eyed disbelief with this truly extraordinary pack of blockbuster quality music to transform your pirate adventure film or game into a Hollywood epic worthy of Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Inspired by Hans Zimmer’s work on Pirates of the Caribbean, this library is filled with AAA-quality industry-standard audio befitting a professional movie soundtrack. With intricate multi-instrumental orchestrations in 92 audio files, including 9 music pieces in 46 variations and total run time of 30m 56s, this is original and dynamic orchestral music at its very best. Buy now to convert your project's audience into loyal diehard fans!

DOWNLOAD NOW to instantly turn your project into a true masterpiece!

Whether you need music for background, foreground, dialogue, battle scenes, suspense scenes, victory, or defeat, this library has music for all twists and turns in any pirate adventure. Arrangements include upbeat Celtic-style Irish dance renditions, quiet foreboding orchestral string arrangements to build incredible tension, grand finale epic blowouts with brass to send your users’ adrenaline skyrocketing, and much much more.

This library includes loops, versions with clear ends, versions that are full, extended, or shortened, stings, complex and simplified mixes, involved and stripped-back arrangements, and more to give you extraordinary choice in edits for your project! Any variations your project could ever need are here at your fingertips.

Produced by our team of veteran sound designers and audio engineers, this library's AAA-quality audio will instantly turn your project into an epic masterpiece. Catchy themes, immersive music, and epic cinematic orchestral soundtracks will blow away your audience and make their jaws drop!

GET IT TODAY to convert your users into loyal diehard fans!

Video Games
Slot Games
Film / Animation
Ads / Trailers
YouTube Videos
Live Events
Sound Design
…and all other audio-visual productions!

AAA mixing and mastering
Huge variety of music for every pirate adventure occasion.
Multiple variants and intensities for your convenience and additional edit options (lengths, looping versions, stingers, etc.).
Easy to use, drag and drop ready
Meticulously labeled and easily searchable files, including keywords/tags
All files are included in Hi Quality WAV and MP3 formats
FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!

92 Audio Files (46 original sounds)
WAV Format: 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz
MP3 Format: 320 Kbps
Unpacked Size: 202.5 MB
Total Run Time: 30m 56s


DOWNLOAD NOW to instantly turn your project into a true masterpiece!

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If there is a SFX / music style that you are seeking and we haven’t published it yet, please drop us an email. We release new assets regularly and will be delighted to create and include the assets you desire in one of our next releases.

Support Email: hub@fusehive.com

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